WordPress features

In 2019, the popularity of WordPress shows no sign of slowing down – with nearly 28% of the world’s websites currently built on the platform, it’s safe to say that high-quality, bespoke WordPress website design is in high-demand.

Part of the reason why WP is so popular is that it continues to evolve. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the current “must-have” implementations and plug-ins for a WordPress developer.

Web push notifications

Push notifications for web work in the same way mobile app developers use them – with the difference being that web notifications are designed for use in-browser on desktop devices. After GDPR regulations changed last year, many businesses find that push notifications are an easier way to keep in touch with site visitors in real-time than email.

Video headers

Videos are a great way to showcase your most influential content. The latest version of WordPress has received plaudits among business website development professionals for its ability to allow the seamless creation of looping video headers. This has created a whole new design trend among developers, leading to decorative, eye-catching and informative content options. Customisation has always been a strength on the platform, and 2019 will likely see the widespread use of video headers on WP sites.

Sticky elements

Forget about obtrusive pop-ups – potential customers simply don’t want to see them. By being a little more subtle, it’s easier to attract the attention of your prospects. Promotional sticky bars at the top and bottom of pages are more likely to catch the attention of visitors, and less likely to leave them feeling disgruntled.

Greater landing page support

At the moment, minimalist one-page sites are incredibly popular – particularly when it comes to showcasing products. The latest version of WordPress provides much greater support for streamlining one-page sites, and in February 2019 trends are already pointing towards developers making use of minimal buttons and pages on WordPress.

Better eCommerce support

Enhanced plugins have meant that WordPress has become something of a driving force in eCommerce. With an array of powerful plugins and themes already available, and hundreds more in development, it should be interesting to see how WordPress continues to capitalise on the eCommerce market in 2019.

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