As we’ve established on previous blog posts, your digital marketing mix consists of multiple, equally crucial factors. We’ve looked at the use of images, and how they affect your brand awareness and perception. We’ve looked at how you should create and optimise a website, too. For this instance, we’re looking at the importance of frequently posting to social media.

Much like the other marketing issues we’ve discussed, the importance of a strong social media presence is often overlooked. Just as you can create a website, but leave it neglected and unmaintained, you can do the same with a company’s social media profile. It isn’t enough to merely possess a social media account; the content you produce must promote your products and services while also remaining engaging to the audience, providing your business with an additional source of traffic for your website.

So, you need to post Facebook updates and Tweets frequently, but you probably already knew that. If you have a desolate, abandoned social media account, it’ll do nothing but hinder your brand, labelling it as one that is uncommitted to reaching out to its customers. But why exactly should you ensure that you frequently provide updates on social media accounts?

Informing Your Audience
Starting with the most logical reason, you need to offer frequent updates to keep your audience informed. You can’t utilise social media as a vital pillar of your marketing strategy, only to misuse one of the best tools to remain connected to your audience. Got a new product which needs fast exposure directly to your target audience? Look no further than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media is quick and convenient for both consumer and producer, so don’t underestimate its value.

But make sure you don’t post too often-  you need to strike a balance between informative, and annoying. For Facebook, you should post around twice a day, but with Twitter’s restrictive, 140-character updates, you can expect to post at least ten times in the same period. Every post should mean something; make sure there’s something new in each post, rather than offering bland, repetitive content, that will make readers slowly lose interest.

Increased Exposure
Not only will frequent posts help your audience, they’ll also help your business, too. Google’s algorithms vastly favour sites which are updated frequently, and the same goes for social media pages. Post reliably and consistently, and you’ll have a better chance of your site making its way up the search rankings. This more favourable position will result in increased traffic to your site, and more eyes on your product. Keep the quality content coming, and you’ll benefit, as well as your audience.

If you do this, it won’t just be Google that favours you. Frequent, informative content posted on social media will increase the authority and perception of your website. Again, this trust, stemming from your brand awareness, can quickly be converted into views and sales, if you act accordingly. Indeed, remember that content is king.

If you can’t keep on top of frequently updating your social media outlets, get help from our expert digital marketers, to ensure your presence is felt online.

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