Over recent years, it has become apparent that social media isn’t just a useful addition to the marketing efforts of a business: it’s an outright necessity.

From the largest multi-national corporation to the smallest family-run boutique, social media usage and adoption is a must. These platforms are widely used on a daily basis; the free-to-use nature of social media attracts a steady influx of users, and the platform offers a manageable way to monitor your reach and engagement.

You don’t need me to tell you why you should utilise social media for your business – but you might not be aware that you need to be present on multiple, tailored platforms to take full advantage of the benefits of social media.

Let’s look at a common, real-world example. Many businesses tend to focus their efforts on a single, well-performing social media platform, usually either Facebook or Twitter. While it’s great that companies look to maintain their substantial following, reach and engagement for one site, this often means that commonly-used alternatives are unnecessarily neglected.

Unless you are entirely certain that your target audience uses this sole social media platform, then you must expand your social media presence. Yet paradoxically, this also doesn’t mean that you should sign-up for every possible social media account, as you could easily oversaturate the company’s online presence and spread yourself too thin – and there’s never any guarantee that you’ll reach more of your target demographic by spamming followers with a plethora of social media invitations.

Make sure that you tailor your social presence to the needs of your business, and the desires of your audience. If you’re a smaller firm based around craft and creation, Instagram may be the option for you. Contrastingly, if you’re an upstart recruitment agency, you’ll favour LinkedIn instead.

But it’s always good to ensure that you have a back-up, too. For example, older customers, and even those who are just in their later adult life, may favour more traditional social media that they’ve grown accustomed to, such as Facebook: While it might not be the best fit for your business, this platform offers a tried-and-tested method of providing all vital information to your customers in a manner that they’re familiar with. And don’t forget, to omit such considerations is to omit a sizeable portion of your target audience.

This isn’t the only way that multiple social media platforms can help your consumers. Being present on multiple social media sites ensures that you can keep track of, monitor and respond to any comments and responses, whether they’re positive or negative.

Finally, an established, active social media presence can help boost your SEO rankings massively – This additional edge can boost you ahead of your competitors. When was the last time that you looked at the second page of a search engine’s results?

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