Mobile applications are a necessity in a modern-day marketing strategy. With everyone having a smartphone, the need to increase your presence in the realm of mobile apps is vital; to ignore such a significant section of the market is equivalent to entrepreneurial suicide.
But you knew this already. You may have an excellent idea to take your business to the next level, a piece of marketing akin to a leading social media page, or a clicker-based app set to be the next Clash of Clans. But even the best ideas can become lost and marred in the digital purgatory known as mobile app development.
Here are five key things to avoid when you bring your next big mobile idea to life:

1.Starting Out

The idea has left your head, and is now manifested within countless app proposals. This is arguably the most crucial step in the creation of your app, so take a few extra steps to ensure that your app gets off to the best possible start.
With the Google Play and Apple App Stores hosting over a million apps, you need something special to stand out in these already saturated markets. As such, you must have a clear purpose and audience for your app, with multiple, achievable goals laid out to track your progress. Don’t be ignorant of your context; you wouldn’t bloat your app full of unnecessary features and details if it had a single, simple purpose, would you?
Have a clear, concise plan for your app. But most importantly, stick to it.


Many, many apps could do with listening to the term ‘keep it simple’; this truly is a mistreated design concept, and it can be adhered to through a few key steps. Consistently seek out anything unnecessary in your app design, and remove it- Apply this method of thought throughout the design process, keeping in mind the purpose and function of your app.

Be aware of any potential inconsistencies in the design, such as varied fonts or sizes, and make sure that everything is functional, but also aesthetically satisfying. After all, you don’t want users to have a terrible first impression of your app. Just as bad website design can severely impact your business, a poorly-designed app can have a similar, detrimental effect.


Marketing, much like the other key considerations in this post, can all be avoided via thorough planning. Keep in mind the purpose of your app; is the app intended to offer a plethora of information to other business-minded customers, or will it aim to offer an easily accessible, incredibly user-friendly experience? Choices such as these will require you to alter your marketing strategy in line with the purpose of your app.

Remember to start marketing your app as soon as possible. There’s no need to wait until you’ve submitted your app to increase its exposure, so again, plan ahead. Use a variety of platforms to promote your app, focusing on media outlets and promoters that specialise in your specific market. Consider digital marketing services if you’re uncertain of what market to target. Also, don’t forget to consider how you’ll monetise the app, whether it be through ad-revenue, through outright app purchases, or in-app purchases.


The app is here: You’ve planned it, developed it, marketed it and brought it into the digital world. But did you remember to get another perspective?

Perhaps the most worrisome error that most developers make is an under-utilisation of beta testing; don’t try to be your own critic. While the entrepreneurial spirit may require you to test your app all by yourself, a pair of fresh eyes can reveal hidden flaws and errors with your app, allowing for a much better user experience upon publication. Test the app on a variety of different devices, and remember that there are slight intricacies between Android and iOS. Additionally, ensure that you utilise analytical services to follow and act upon measured metrics within your app. You wouldn’t neglect SEO and analytics with a traditional website, don’t do so with a mobile app.

Remember to do your app justice: If you’re unconfident with any stage of your mobile app’s development, consider a white-label software development team, or hiring a web-developer to create the app and manage its life-cycle.
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