Trusted Adviser.

We combine business guidance, technical consultancy and a one-stop shop to support new businesses implement technology to support their business.  Acting as a trusted adviser we can deliver complete business systems, individual solutions (website, document management etc) or simply guidance on where to start.

Value Based.

We understand the tight budgetary and time constraints for new business owners – feeling like you have to do everything yourself.  We review your business and propose processes/solution to enable you more time to build the business and spend less time on non-productive tasks (administration etc).  Our suggestions all come with proposed costs, benefits to the business and a suggested implementation plan – depending on the business often large scale changes aren’t an option (budget, time to allocate etc), so we prioritise the suggestions.

Personal & Friendly.

We don’t have typical clients – we offer a truly personalised service that is based on your budget, expectations and goals.  We have worked with sole traders (often holding down another job whilst growing the business) all the way through to established businesses looking to start a new business.

Digital product development

Experienced Product Developers

We utilise tried and tested product development processes to reduce risk, assure delivery timescales and ensure quality expectations are met.  Whilst we are happy to simply provide development skills, we can guide clients on the full process including; market identification, pricing, product road-mapping etc.  We use a combination of agile and waterfall development methodologies to provide our clients with the certainty of scope/budget with the flexible benefits of agile.

Wide range of Commercials.

Digital products can benefit from a wide range of options for generating an income, we guide our clients on the options available, review all required processes (fraud based cancelled payments, reversed transactions etc) and ensure the technology supports any third party technology (payment providers, finance systems etc).  Examples include Software as a Service, Franchise Software, Pay per use, Licence based.

Ongoing Support.

Launching a product is only one step, ensuring you have a partner who is there to support you and ensure the promises you have made to your customers (often contractually) can be met.  We provide in-house services to ensure your digital product is available when it needs to be, secured, backed up (and backups can be used) and performing as your users expect (speed, browser support etc).

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Client Examples

New Product | Existing Business

The Managers Toolkit

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Who Are They?

The Manager’s Toolkit® is a trademark of Peak Learning and Development. They recognised the need for an easy to use, digital development and performance improvement platform to deliver industry leading content, resources and tools. In response to this need they developed The Manager’s Toolkit®. The Toolkit gives busy managers instant access to trusted tools and resources so they can take the right action quickly and confidently.

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New Business | Startup

eStudent Ltd

Who Are They?

eStudent Ltd is provides a platform for businesses to reach students, each business can promote its business by offering discounts, promotions or competitions.  The platform can also be used to advertise job roles directly to students, ensuring seasonal and local roles can be filled quickly and cheaply.

Via this start-up platform the student can pay a minimal fee to access the platform, this enables immediate access to all local offers (the platform has been launched in Birmingham..

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Whether you are an established business or a new startup – budget, commercials, finance – whatever you call it, chances are it will have a big influence on what you can do versus what you would like to do.  We have worked with a large number of businesses who are either self-financed or secured project finance.

With a wide range of grants available, potential tax advantages (R&D Tax Credits for example) and a wide range of finance sources (start-up loans, traditional banks, investors and crowd funding) we can often sign-post clients to ensure they are using the right finance (should that be needed).

As your trusted adviser we will always advise if we don’t recommend a project, if there is a cheaper (but just as effective) method of achieving the goals and/or suggested proportions of budget to be spent on key activities for a product launch.

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