Solihull Chamber of Commerce

Matter of Software are pleased to be supporting the Solihull Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards by awarding the category of Outstanding Startup Business of the year.  We recognise the challenges in starting a business and support new business owners in a few ways:

  1. with services to ensure their businesses are visible online and new customers can engage with the easily
  2. by providing bespoke software development, mobile apps and web development to help deliver innovative services and products to their clients

Tony Ford Managing Director of Matter of Software will be presenting the award on the night, with the finalists already selected from a large number of applicants.  Ed James from Heart FM will be hosting the show this year.

Matter of Software supports clients who are also looking to deliver applications directly to customers (cloud based, Software as a Service etc) – our in house experts guide our clients through the product development process to ensure they have the very best product for their budget.  We are experienced in commercialising products, ensuring administrative effort is kept to a minimum and of course ensuring a secure and highly reliable solution can scale to grow with their business.

If you are interested in a free no obligation discussion around how we can help your business please contact us today.