Matter of Software are pleased to announce that we are offering our security analysis service as a standalone offering – previously this has been offered to client where Matter of Software was the primary developer, this is now being extended to solutions where Matter of Software has had no development involvement.

Web Application CREST reports

Our security analysis offering includes a CREST approved report for a web based application that examines key security vulnerabilities including on an application and network level, this means we don’t just examine the application but also the hosting and supporting security elements to provide a snapshot of the security health.  We are also offering a continual review of the application to ensure it remains checked for the latest vulnerabilities and the business can take any necessary actions to resolve identified issues as soon as possible.

We are offering our service on a flat rate basis for the initial checks and a regular monthly fee for ongoing checks, as prices for penetration testing can vary based on the application, our service provides a simple and standard pricing model.  Our prices can save between 50-75% of traditional initial costs and regular repeat tests can save between 95-98% of typical costs (details available on request), so enquire today to see how much you can save.

Our service can be used on any web based application and includes any API’s (used for example for mobile application integration or third party integration), this includes third party software and business custom software.  Once licence of our service is used for one web based application.

Our service allows for security checking of software code during the development life-cycle (reducing the cost of any redevelopment and testing time) as well as for a pre-productive environment included within the cost.

Great value security assessments

With our partners we have developed a unique and automated framework developed by experienced penetration testers, security experts and development specialists to automate the following key items:

  • Complex crawling methods to ensure no pages are left unchecked
  • Workflow based scripting – allowing us to define common paths through your application to ensure secure and difficult to reach areas are included
  • OWASP Top10 checks – ensuring we are checking against the latest vulnerabilities – no out of date checks
  • False Positives – manual checks of all tests including verification of any false positives to ensure the report is thorough and complete

For more details and for a free no-obligation quote please contact us here