There are few stable, ongoing trends that can be reliably forecast into the future. With constant hardware changes and updates making current technology obsolete, software must adapt accordingly to accommodate any new necessities or features, and this ongoing expansion of functionality has been present for some time now.

Take leading operating systems, such as Windows 10 for example. Even if you know little about the system, any comparisons to its predecessors make the growing integration of software evident. Gone is the need to download a plethora of additional software, as you can now do everything you need to in the online world with an entry level version of Windows- web browsing, cloud storage, email and word processing are all included to name a few. But this trend is also being witnessed in specialised software, too.

And don’t forget, if you’re worried that you’re not getting the most from your software, get in touch with our software development experts. With fully integrated software suites, you could hugely improve the efficiency of your business and its daily running; even if you had an incredible site, engaging social media accounts, or a unique digital marketing campaign, your commonly used software could still be holding you back.

Of course, standalone applications are often much more powerful, and offer more features than any competitor which comes integrated with other pieces of software. But, the margin between these two examples is quickly diminishing, and this difference is often being negated, as users are beginning to favour convenience and user-experience over a larger palette of features. The benefits of having multiple applications on a single platform are becoming clear: While many forms may not require such functionality, the potential to seamlessly transfer data across multiple applications is very appealing, and is a comforting feature to have. Additionally, easy-to-use, fully integrated software ultimately saves the consumer a significant amount of time. On a larger scale, such software can make things easier for employees, allowing them to quickly move on to other tasks, rather than making lengthy transitions to other pieces of software.

Aside from ease of use, why are more consumers opting for software suites which can cover all their needs? Just as consumer needs have changed, so have the prices of such pieces of software; consumers now realise that once unobtainable and fully integrated solutions are now within the realms of affordability, meaning that many small and medium businesses can benefit from functionality which was once exclusively reserved to larger corporations who could afford such expenses.


In addition to ever-decreasing costs of integrated software, a software suite will allow for a much clearer overview of an individual task, or the daily running of a business. With multiple pieces of software, there’s always a possibility that data can be copied, and that older, irrelevant data can be considered. But with integrated software, updates are often synced between all applications, ensuring that you don’t make a decision based upon outdated information. If you need to quickly gain an idea of your current finances, for example, then fully integrated software is certainly for you. Remember that wasted time, unnecessary functionality, and any potential misinformation can all hinder your business

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