In every business, efficiency directly correlates with productivity and profitability. In today’s fast-paced digital business environment, the business software running your transactions and operations dictates efficiency. The enterprise software is a vital factor in productivity and competitiveness, and as such, making the right choice of software is a big decision. To help you get started, here are three reasons why you should consider a custom software development company for the job.

1. Relevant and scalable functionality

Custom developed software provides you with only the features relevant to your business. Since it is modelled around your enterprise, no generic assumptions are made; you only pay for what your business needs, making customisation very cost effective.

Should the digital demands of the business change as the business grows, there is always room to broaden functionality to satisfy those demands. With off-the-shelf software, the developer decides on the features that need updating which may not be helpful to your business. In a custom system, you make that call.

2. Flexibility and system unification

You can have just about any software custom built and integrated into your business; from web applications, data management systems, mobile applications to SaaS and Drupal custom builds. Therefore, regardless of the platform or devices used in your business, you can still have a fully functional system.

Your software can be customised to run on different platforms and devices spontaneously to create a unified software architecture instead of developing a unique application for every type of device. Such a unified system scales the functionality of the software over a wider footprint, increasing its investment value.

3. Reliable maintenance and support

Custom software developers have a deeper interest in the welfare of their product and their clients than generic vendors do. The close collaboration between both parties during the development process strengthens the developer-client relationship. In addition, the developer is well aware of the business operations and the needs and interests of the client, and in fact, the developer may make helpful suggestions to improve business efficiency. This bond keeps the door open for continued software maintenance and support on demand throughout the life of the software.


Custom build software is advantageous over generic versions on several critical aspects that make a big difference in business applications. With custom applications, you get more value for your money, and you end up with a more reliable and useful business asset.

Here at Matter of Software, we take pride in delivering custom business software solutions for start-ups and growing businesses, both big and small. Our products are professionally designed with the client’s best interest at heart. Look no further for bespoke software development. Contact us today and find out how we can help make your business more efficient.