The Company

The Limes Country Lodge are a privately-owned hotel & restaurant, conference, events and wedding venue based in Earlswood. Guests and clients are at the heart of everything they do, and always strive to continually build on their experience and offer innovative ways to make your stay with them one you’ll remember.


The Project

The hotel management were using a wide range of methods to plan events and communicate those plans with their team, we were tasked with converting the paper-based process into a digital solution. The aim was to improve the overview of all events at any one time, ensure consistency for planning (to ensure adherence to a standard process) and reduce the administrative effort of planning and executing events at the hotel.

We developed a web based secure platform that enables all employees to access the solution and view data based on their role. The solution allows for management of key master data (such as rooms, menus and other saleable items) enabling a quote to be generated, facilities reserved and invoice payments to be managed. An integrated calendar allows the team to view what is happening in the hotel at any one time with views showing bedrooms, events and restaurant bookings.

We were also tasked with expanding the scope to include rota management, team time management, restaurant table booking/management (available directly from the website and locally) and team task management/communication. Ultimately this is a near one-stop shop for all employees to understand what they need to do and support performance of their day to day role.



The Effect

The new platform has ensured that information is available to all employees instantly, complex event plans can be shared along with any amendments. Effort in planning and managing events has greatly reduced and customer service has improved as resources are redeployed to supporting new and existing clients with business value add tasks rather than back office management tasks (now performed by the system and at point of data capture).

Resources across the hotel are being better utilised to reduce spare capacity, ensure the resources are being maximised and of course ensure the management has visibility across the business.

Productivity Gains 70%
Increased Revenue 15%
Business Growth 10%
Transaction Speeds 75%
Client Engagement 65%