The Company

TakePart provides solutions to researchers to support the capture of feedback in a consistent and repetitive manner. The study coordinator can define multiple questionnaires and set a period for when they should be answered – for example every morning during a study or trial. The end user experience is managed by native Android and iOS Apps which intuitively present the study information to the participant, obtain relevant data protection permissions as well as providing a quick way to steer the user through any required questions to be answered.


The Project

Dunkker who are the business behind TakePart have deep technical skills, we were tasked with taking the detailed functional and non-functional requirements and delivering a number of product stages including MVP and Phase 1. The solution architecture we proposed ensure the cost base could be kept low initially but easily scale to support the requirements of the business and its clients over time.

The solution consists of a backend administrative portal, API’s (a way for the backend database and the apps to communicate) along with native iOS and Android apps. The project involved a variety of tests including across a varied number of devices and ages. We are pleased to say that we continue to support Dunkker in hosting, maintenance on on-going feature development.



The Effect

Dunkker required a partner who would take responsibility for the technical solution including ongoing support & maintenance. The solution & partnership has enabled Dunkker to offer more formalised support arrangements to clients, reduced the time taken to deliver new features and improved their delivery capability on a capacity/requirement based model (flexing as the business flexes).

Productivity Gains 65%
Increased Revenue 85%
Business Growth 45%
Transaction Speeds 75%
Client Engagement 85%