The Company

Jenflow manufactures, distributes & offers training in variety of decorative surfaces. They specialise in designer epoxy resin coatings, surface preparation, resin bound systems & the creative arts with their art & casting resins.


The Project

We were chosen to support Jenflow to create a complete business system – from stock management, production order control, sales orders (including quotations), order tracking and integrated employee task allocation/holiday management.

The solution supports the demands placed on the business by the various ISO standards they adhere to – helping to ensure non-conformities are recorded and management in a consistent way across the business.

We provided a secure web-based platform that is mobile responsive which enables role based access to users alongside a complete overview of the business. Various reports convert the data to business information that is used to plan manufacturing, stock management, financial and sales forecasting.


The Effect

Jenflow has migrated from a number of disparate systems to use the solution as their main central source of information, this has simplified their IT landscape, reduced their support/licencing costs and ensured data is easily maintained driving customer satisfaction, quality measure improvement and business process improvement.

Productivity Gains 70%
Increased Revenue 50%
Business Growth 60%
Transaction Speeds 40%
Client Engagement 80%