The Company

Desucla is an innovative company offering fiscal representation and vat payment services in over 35 countries.

We are changing the world of fiscal representation and work directly with companies selling across borders and/or with their advisors to enable efficient & cost-effective compliance with global VAT requirements.

We work with companies all over the world but for UK businesses we can help you prepare for BREXIT. From 31st December 2020 you are likely to need fiscal representation in Europe or risk disruption to your business. We can handle your representation through our platform in all key EU jurisdictions.


The Project

Our goal was simple, automate the process for clients to engage with Desucla to obtain service – minimising the required administrative support and expand the reach of the business across the globe. In detail we were commissioned to develop a web-based platform to allow compliance providers, group companies and merchants easily, for representation documentation to be generated and compliance processes to be automated within the platform. The bespoke platform allows VAT return information to be uploaded, single currency payments to be made and onward payments for governments to be seamlessly orchestrated.

The solution works with industry partners to manage card payments, invoicing & financial reporting, foreign-exchange management, and bank payment management.


The Effect

Digitisation of a traditional business model to enable the business to scale, offer value to a wider market and to offer digital services directly to key partners.

Simplification of the existing business processes to focus on harmonisation, rationalisation and improvements – enabling the redeployment of key resource to business value add activities.

Platform for growth – providing a solid differentiating process and solution platform to enable continued evolution and growth of the business.

We selected MOS to build our product and website from the ground up. It was a complex build involving payments & FX integrations with complicated logic for multiple user types so we needed a partner we could trust to build a secure platform. The MOS team were extremely engaged and helpful at every stage of the process. Their experience from previous projects shone through and enabled quick resolutions to any challenges we encountered. There was always open communication and a mindset to build the best possible product, not just something that did the job. Ultimately the project was delivered on time and on budget which seems to be very rare with technology builds these days! We've enjoyed working with them so much we now use them for ongoing support and would recommend them to anyone looking for a trusted technology partner.”

Richard Baxter, Managing Director – Desucla