Charity – Business Mobile Application

Company Description

The Stroke Association is a nationwide charity whose goal is to provide support to change the lives of people affected by stroke and reduce the number of people who are struck by this devastating condition. We developed a Mobile App for use by the 9000+ users to support the work performed, reducing processing costs and reducing risks across the charity.

The proposal

As part of their great work the Stroke Association runs a series of Know Your Blood Pressure events to support members of the public getting easy access to their blood pressure readings. There are a large number of events held across the UK with a large number of supporters completing paper forms. The aim of the project was to reduce the time taken to record the results, provide feedback to the patient (if required) and improve the experience for the supporters. The solution should be secure, work on a wide variety of devices and be easy to use.

Our solution

We developed an iOS and Android app with supporting Admin application to enable supporters to register for an event, complete the blood pressure forms (logic to determine the advice to be provided) and securely send the data when connected to the internet to our secure servers.The app access is controlled centrally and all data held on the app is encrypted on the device and in transmission. The data can be received from an event within hours as opposed to the previous upto 3 months, the app ensures the consistency of advise based on readings and the app guides the user easily through the form reducing input errors.