The Company

Bookkeeper Quote is the brainchild of Abby Anderson of Number Slayers Ltd. Her vision was for bookkeepers to charge, based on what they are worth, not just an hourly rate.

The idea is beautifully simple. Enter as much information as you can about the job you’re doing and our online pricing software will give you a much better picture of what you should be charging.

The app takes away the headache of never knowing what to charge and giving you the tools to quote on a consistent and more importantly, profitable basis.


The Project

We were chosen to convert a highly complex and well-developed Excel quoting spreadsheet into a Software as a Service product. We collaborated on the product roadmap to identify an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) through to various iterations to include multi-currency/country and use of the platform for different.

Ensuring a public method for sign-up and login coupled with developing a dynamic quoting engine that was highly configurable, quick and responsive. The solution needed to integrate to multiple third parties include QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho CRM and Stripe to name a few – either as soon as data was available/needed or as a series of scheduled updates.

The solution had to be easy to use, robust, scalable and provide a solid platform for the continued development and growth of the business.


The Effect

BookkeeperQuote has been able to reach a much wider audience with a small employee base, with customer self-signup and tool management meaning a slimmer sales process, increased margins and greater insights to both increase sign-ups but also retain existing clients.

Productivity Gains 180%
Increased Revenue 40%
Business Growth 65%
Transaction Speeds 175%
Client Engagement 250%

From the first meeting and all the way through our project cycle, Ryan and his team have gone above and beyond the call of duty! We cannot express enough gratitude in the work they have put into our project and us as Business Owners. From branding to formulated programming, they have understood our vision and our business and exceeded every expectation, ten fold!”

Abby Anderson, Director – Bookkeeper Quote