Welcome to the new look Matter of Software brand – same great team but with a new fresh look.  As a software business in 2020 we have faced a variety of challenges, not least that 2020 has looked very differently to how we had planned it to be.  The ongoing pandemic has been devastating to so many businesses and lives, and we are fortunate to continue to operate a strong and resilient business.  Our cross-industry focus coupled with our agility has allowed us to flex, as demand from some of our clients stopped overnight, whilst others saw growth due to extra pandemic demands.

During the lockdown we took several steps as a business to attempt to insulate ourselves from the impact which included:

Our team

We already had robust and secure processes in place to enable our team to work from anywhere.  We supported our team with resources to work from home, provided guidance on keeping COVID secure and extended the support to include 24-hour GP access remotely, personal counselling access and increased life assurance.  We continued with our regular face to face meetings – although the face to face was video to video – to ensure a regular support network was maintained.  To see some of our team please visit our About Us page.

Our network

We are supported by several trusted suppliers across different areas of our business (accountants, HR etc) for whom we appreciate continued cashflow is critical.  We have maintained contracts (increasing in some cases) and ensured that cashflow continues to flow.  We have been supported locally and nationally and recognise the support & guidance we have received from the government, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Business and the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprises Partnership (GBSLEP).

Our business

We have undertaken a number of internal initiatives during the last 9 months which all aim to further strengthen our business and demonstrate formally our existing capabilities.  These include (amongst other things) Cyber Essentials Plus certification, internal process improvements, additional certifications (more details to follow) and of course our re-branding.  Through these initiatives we have further sought to solidify our business processes, ensuring they are fit for purpose, lean and meet the expectations of our customers and prospects.

Our partners

We have sought to support our clients throughout the last 9 months in a wide variety of ways including offering extended payment terms, being quick and agile to help them respond to business demand and presenting possible solutions to new business concerns.  We are pleased to say that during the last 9 months we have acquired new clients through offering value based, quality solutions from our one stop team.  Our agility, experience and value has been our greatest strength and capabilities we continue to be proud of.

Whilst we could not have predicted how 2020 would have played out, as a team, as a business we have continued to invest in ourselves for the benefit of current and future clients alike.  We have funded plans to continue our growth beyond 2020 (where our team size grew to accommodate clients) including focus on our corporate social responsibility and product offerings.  More details to follow on those plans and some of the activities we have already commenced in subsequent blog posts.

For now, I want to thank everyone for their continued support, to say that I hope you like our re-branding and agree with us that it better aligns with us as an organisation.

Stay Safe.