Are you anxious about your current skillset? Not sure which skills are required in your industry?

Download our free, no-obligation Skill-mapping Excel template here.

What is skill-mapping?

Skill-mapping can help you visualise your skills and the importance that they have. With our template, we have allocated space for writing down the skill, the importance, the benefit and how to improve. By comparing your skills with the skills required in the industry, you can easily view which areas to improve on and which to focus on.


Our Excel template offers you a platform to map your skills. By filling in the details, you can easily sort your skills by importance, benefits or improvements.


Not sure which skills are required in your industry?

Software Engineering

- Coding skills - Testing skills - Communication skills - Organisational skills - Continuous professional development Read more


- Creativity - Teamwork - IT Skills - Commercial awareness Read more


- Customer service - Business awareness - Attention to detail - Information technology Read more


- Curiosity - Time management - Strategic thinking - Efficiency Read more

Human Resources (HR)

- Employee relations - Performance management - Teamwork and collaboration - Customer service Read more

Customer Service

- Communication - Empathy - Product knowledge - Diligence - Patience Read more


- Communication - Critical thinking - Organization - Creativity Read more

Social Media Manager

- Communication - Writing - Creativity - Efficiency Read more

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