WordPress’s latest update, 5.0 (also known as ‘Bebo’), was released earlier this month. WordPress have described Bebo as “the first step toward an exciting new future with a streamlined editing experience across your site.” It is designed to simplify the CMS interface even further, with added features such as a brand-new block-based editor. As if it wasn’t already, this update definitely makes WordPress the easiest platform for customers to get to grips with on their own.

How has the editor changed?

Block Based New Editor

While the frontend of your website will still look and function exactly the same, there will be much greater flexibility in terms of backend content creation and layout. The block format allows you to control and manage your content in a much more intuitive way, with each piece of content contained in its own distinct, manoeuvrable wrapper.

Simply click the “+” symbol to add a block, whether that be a paragraph of text, an image, an embedded link or quote, a video, a gallery or a bullet list. Each block can be edited, resized and styled individually, and then easily dragged into the right place within your layout. Bebo, therefore, gives editors a much more realistic view of how their content will ultimately be presented.

What are the benefits for developers?

If you’re a developer skilled in HTML or CSS, or simply prefer the classic WordPress format, there’s no need to panic. More advanced editing methods are still available, and the old layout can be accessed by clicking ‘Switch to Classic Editor’.

The block format actually provides us with greater code protection, as accidental edits are less likely. What’s more, Bebo’s range of interface components and APIs will enable us to create unique, bespoke blocks with intuitive controls for you, specially designed for your business’s needs.

What else is new?

WordPress 5.0 comes with the brand-new Twenty Nineteen stock theme, too. This includes a wide range of custom styles and editor styles for each Bebo block, so it’s easier to achieve the exact design you have in mind. However, we recommend getting a custom theme for your business that works effortlessly with the block-based format, creating a symphony of beautiful design and easy content management.

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