Any business operating in this increasingly globalised, increasingly digitised modern world must have an online presence; this shouldn’t be news to you.

However, as we’ve said many times on the Matter of Software blog, this simply isn’t enough. You may have a website, but whether it’s any good is a different matter entirely. In an ideal world, website creation would be quick, simple, accessible, and easy to understand, but these barriers are what separate market leaders from their less successful peers.

You could take a hands-on approach and do it yourself; but as we’ve said previously, it might be an idea to let site-building experts do this for you. With these juxtaposing propositions in mind, why on earth should you bother investing in your company’s website creation?

A Personal Touch Paying for an expert software development to team to build your site from the ground up is a great idea, and one that we wholly recommend. To stand out in an increasingly saturated online world, you need something which is unique, and customised to your exact needs and requirements.

To make sure that site creators can give you exactly what you want, monetary investment isn’t enough- you need a degree of personal attachment to your site in order to make it truly stand out. Let the professionals know about any quirks or notable features you’d like, so you receive something distinct and formidable, rather than a bland repetition of the industry-leading website, filled with excessive white-space and an irrelevant range of soon-to-be neglected pages. This way, you’ll be able to keep your brand consistent, through both your online and offline marketing materials.

An independent software start-up wouldn’t need the same site as Microsoft, would it? While it’s often a promising idea to let the developers loose, you might need to remind them of your exact needs every now and again.

Leave Your Mark If you decide to invest in your custom-made website, then you still have a few questions left to answer. Just exactly how much are you going to put into this site, and what exactly do you want to get out of it? Will it be a simple brand anchor for your company, placing them in the digital world, or will it be a new source of revenue?

If the site is to be a cornerstone of your firm, then you must ensure that it is done properly. For example, it may be cheaper and faster to utilise a default site layout, or work from a template, but in increasingly competitive markets, a custom site shouldn’t risk sharing similarities with any competitors. Additionally, when your business begins to grow, you’ll be severely hindered by the functionality of your copy/pasted site. Investing heavily in the creation of your site avoids these eventual issues, as you’ll possess a customisable, diverse online space which will set you apart from competitors.

A professional look and a user-friendly environment will build your brand’s reputation and image, setting foundations for future development as you establish an invested, loyal customer base. The long-term value of a product such as custom website is immeasurable, so invest in a professional site now to hugely help your business in the future.

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