Until recently, the prospect of working from home seemed like a far-fetched thought to many, the kind of arrangement only attainable to those in a very specific line of work. However, that has all changed.

The spread of Covid-19 has forced businesses to rethink how their employee base carries out its working week. With extreme limits placed on the movement of people, companies advised employees to work from home. What was deemed by so many companies to be impossible was proven to be very possible.

This time of change has opened the eyes of many employers. The success of workers operating from home has called into question the need for office space. Businesses stand to save a huge amount of money that would have otherwise been spent on renting office space. While some people have recently begun returning to their workplace, many businesses have told staff to continue working from their box room or kitchen table.

Advantages of the digital age:

The very possibility of so many people working from the comfort of their own home only became a realistic prospect relatively recently. Major advancements in technology have harnessed the ability of people to work together on the same project, even if they are in different countries. A fundamental requirement of businesses that wish to continue functioning through the pandemic is the use of the right software.

Increased use of digital solutions during and post-lockdown has placed an added impetus on employers, and IT departments, in particular, to have the appropriate software packages in place. It is said that where there is an over-reliance on technology, problems will never be far away. However, this is a saying that belongs to a different time. Companies that have successfully negotiated their way through the pandemic have done so because of technology, not in spite of it.

By engaging with software solutions specialists, working practices will continue to transition in a seamless manner. Software systems that had been used in the workplace have been altered since people started working from home en masse. Broadly, this has been a huge success, but it is still early days and true judgment will be cast over a significant period of time.

Calling upon the right level of software expertise:

Leading solutions companies, such as Matter of Software, offer a level of expertise in software development that gives both employer and employee peace of mind. This is achieved by offering bespoke software development packages that are the right fit for your company.

The world of work has changed for good and the importance of calling on the expertise of a software solutions company cannot be overstated. It could be the difference between your workflow running like a well-oiled machine or, alternatively, huge chunks of time being wasted because employees are not equipped with the right digital tools.

This is just the start of the changeover. Working from home is the future – and the future is now. It pays to employ the services of a software developer expert.