A stable but stagnating social media campaign isn’t enough in this day and age. While some businesses may completely neglect any form of social media marketing, countless more are producing stellar, engaging campaigns which attract new follows and increase the loyalty of their existing customers.

To produce basic content to keep the account ‘ticking over’ simply won’t do: if you’re not aiming to grab a portion of your competitor’s market share, then why bother maintaining a social media presence at all?

You may ask who else you can appeal to on social media, aside from your own followers. As I just mentioned, there’s always a huge selection of consumers who are either unaware of your product, or are being attracted to an alternative. If you can interact, appeal to, and engage this untapped portion of the market, you can gain a significant edge.

So just how do you attract new followers to your company’s social media accounts? Well, the first step is selecting which social media platform is right for you – something which we’ve already covered. Of course, Facebook is still the social media powerhouse, with nearly 80% of internet users engaging with the platform, but it’s always worth looking at valuable, and possibly more useful alternatives, like Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Twitter to name a few.

After you’ve decided, it’s always worth fully committing to your chosen platform – many companies fail to do this, neglecting the need to provide as much information as possible, or even completing their profiles. Follow the basic guidelines before you make anything viewable to the public, especially social media accounts: make sure that images are of a sufficient quality, that the information you’ve provided is correct, and that you’ve given everything a thorough proofread.

So, the foundations are in place – next, take a look at your competitors, and ask ‘what are they doing differently?’ Investigate your rivals just as you would with a traditional marketing campaign, just with a few slight differences: Take note of what platforms they’re using, what kind of content are they sharing, and how often are they posting? Now you’ll have a rough idea of what you should be doing, too.

Now for the tricky part – how do you capture, or even re-capture, that chunk of market share? Even for social media, some traditional networking is required. Make sure that you touch bases with as many thought-leaders, industry leaders and figureheads as possible, and always take in as much information as possible.

Follow and add these industry professionals, attend as many conferences and events as you can. If you want to take things a step further, tag an influencer in a post, and ask for their thoughts – this will prompt other experts and even customers for responses, highlighting that your social media account offers engagement as well as useful, informative content.

To finalise, always be as creative as you can with content – always check the best times to post, and don’t be afraid of using paid advertising when it suits you.

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