Hoe to make money from your APP

So, you’ve started liaising with your mobile app development UK team and work is underway on your brand new app. It’s a great idea and it’s bound to make money, but how do you really monetise your app without annoying your customers?

Most apps include ads in the beginning stages as a way to generate revenue. But what it can really end up doing is scaring off real customers who get annoyed and disrupted by adverts. Also, in-app adverts don’t always generate the desired income. Including in-app ads is sometimes a deal breaker for app users.

What is the solution? How do you get your app earning money? The good news is that there are a few things you can do to monetise your app without using in-app ads:

1. Include the option of in-app purchases

The stats show that around 5% of smartphone users actually make in-app purchases. That may sound like a small percentage, but they can actually spend as much as 20 times what the average smartphone user does on a daily basis.

What is an in-app purchase?

This basically means that you provide your app as a free download, but users can then pay for certain content, subscriptions, or discounted goods via the app.

The trick here is to not only cater to those who make in-app purchases. This means that the free features of your app must still offer value to the user. It is only when something additional is wanted (and there always will be), then the user has to make a purchase.

It’s also a great idea to offer a variety of payment options. Streamlining your payment process means that it’s just as easy for someone in the UK to use (and make a payment to) your app as it is for someone in the USA.

2. Capitalise on a user-friendly app

Users will very quickly find their way to your app if it’s more user-friendly than their usual choice. Make sure that whatever service or product your app is selling, it is done so in the easiest possible way. Don’t leave your app subscribers guessing at all. Lay it all out for them and ensure that there is support available if it is ever required.

3. Use push notifications to personalise specials and discounts

Each of your app users is there for a reason. Perhaps they like a product that you sell or like what your brand is about. Make sure that you gather data from users to find out what it is that they are most interested in. Then use push notifications to present discounts and specials that they might find specifically interesting. Instead of annoying ads from other companies, now they have useful ads that they will actually want to receive and respond to.

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