Bespoke CRM Development

CRM (customer relationship management) systems are at the heart of most modern businesses. A good CRM will help you generate leads, retain business and cultivate the ever-elusive return sale. A lot has been written about how bespoke CRM software can help you increase customer engagement, but what about your business’s own in-house processes? As well as being able to manage your ever-growing list of customers, bespoke CRM development can also help you streamline internal systems within your company, standardising operations across a range of sites and staff. But how?

Consolidating admin

Daily administration tasks can often be the bane of businesses. They are time-consuming and often prone to error, meaning that they can cost you both time and money down the line. The great aspect of a bespoke CRM is that admin processes can be simplified and standardised, with a lot of tasks becoming completely automated, meaning that you spend less time having to figure out admin errors and more time on other projects.


Every business is different and will have a huge variation in the type and extent of internal processes. This means that an off-the-shelf CRM solution often has to be shoehorned-in, with the user having to make compromises on functionality. This can become frustrating for everyone involved. Bespoke CRM solutions will be built from the ground up to fit with your own business practices. For example, a lot of companies are plagued by the duplication of data and the impediments this can bring to efficiency. A bespoke CRM developer can look at your current processes and identify where such duplication exists and work out a custom-built solution.

Multi-departmental collaboration

Often, the different departments within a company can become uncommunicative and disparate. The great thing about a bespoke CRM is that your developer can create a system where multiple departments can work together on projects. For example, marketing and sales teams can use the software to work together, to create targeted campaigns and then having access to subsequent sales data. This creates a system of feedback and growth, generating a holistic experience for both customers and staff.