Read our article on 5 tips for choosing mobile app developers.  Mobile is king these days and there’s an app for everything. By 2020, the mobile app market is predicted to be worth £150 billion!

Organisations the world over have increasingly recognised that an effective mobile presence is essential for success, but it can be difficult to know how to set about establishing your position in the mobile app world.

Once you’ve recognised a need to develop a mobile app, the next obvious step is to identify someone to develop it. In fact, the decision to hire app developers will be the most significant factor behind success or failure. So what should you be looking for in identifying a mobile app developer?

Begin with a little self-reflection

It’s all about you and your organisation. So begin by outlining your company’s profile, values and goals so you can outline these to your chosen developer right from the outset. Consider your USP (Unique Selling Point) both in terms of the broader business operation but also the USP of your online presence.

You might have a broad idea in your head of what it is that you want the mobile app to achieve but it’s essential that you draft out an outline of how an app will be useful for your company and why. Most importantly, document precisely how it will benefit your customers and app users.

From here, you’ll have all the essential information that a good prospective developer will need to begin engaging with you to outline how they would deliver the project.

Remember, the best are hard to find

Like most things in life, the best are in demand, can charge higher rates and will not be interested in all app concepts, which may include your own. However, to make this project a success, hiring the right developer for your project is essential.

Use your connections and consider which partners your competitors and similar organisations to your own have used. There are an infinite amount of developers out there but probably only a small number who will be able to deliver exactly what you need. So where to begin?

Just how much development does it need?

Lots of apps out there have been developed from templates. There is a certain amount of churning out apps in the market simply as popular applications and businesses rise and fall. You can get great results from a development utilising a template and you’ll be able to choose from customisable options and designs.

So this is where you’ll need to consider just how much development work your app will need. If you’ll need some advanced features or if this is going to be a pretty big piece of software at enterprise-level, consider appointing a developer who can deliver a fully-functioning, customised app.

App builders rather than template-tweakers will deliver higher quality work, cleaner code, fewer bugs and no doubt a better design and user interface tailored for your organisation and customer type. But this will, of course, be somewhat more expensive.

What platform are we on?

iOS or Android is a pretty key decision to take. Both Apple and Android have roughly half the mobile user market each, so omitting one means potentially missing out on 50% of your potential users.

That said, there are plenty of reasons why you might simply develop an app for one of the operating systems and not the other. You’ll need to consider the skills and experience that your potential partner have as Android developers or in iPhone app development.

Also, remember that you’ll need to be convinced that your chosen partner keeps abreast of technological trends and advances to ensure that your app is future-proofed.

The business decision

Essentially, the rest of the selection decision follows sound business principles – the ones you will apply to any sourcing decision.

View the portfolio of prospective developers and convince yourself that they have plenty of examples of successful similar projects. Ask about other apps the company has developed: do you like what you see as an actual user?

Seek and check references and simply ask yourself can you see yourself working with this company as a partner? Remember you’ll invariably get what you pay for, so don’t scrimp on budget. Most importantly, don’t lose sight of the core vision – which is the basis for developing the app in the first place.

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