Five signs your website needs an upgrade

With the rate at which web technology is advancing, many websites are falling behind and quickly going out of date on the online marketplace. Here are five sure indications that you need to decommission your old site for a new one.

1. Your site is not mobile friendly

Today, Internet users spend more time on their smartphones than they do no desktop and laptop computers. Search engines like Google have already noticed this trend and aim to improve user experience on mobile devices. New web development techniques now include adaptive design for flawless mobile responsiveness. If your site struggles on mobile browsers, then it’s time to think about getting an adaptive alternative.

2. Load speed is very slow

Statistics show that 40% of internet users abandon a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load its content. The latest scripting and hypertext languages for web development get around this problem by using intelligent algorithms that improve website performance across all devices. On older sites, however, getting to advanced levels of performance may be a tall order requiring an overhaul of the entire system; it is much easier just to develop a fresh.

3. Difficulty in making changes

If it is increasingly becoming difficult to add new content or make changes on your site, it may be time to get an upgrade. Some old sites suffer from what web developers refer to as ‘Frankenstein design’, where several changes are made by different programmers, which make the system look like a collection of different codes patched together. The problem with Frankenstein design is that with every change, the complexity and structure of the site are changed making it harder for future changes.

4. Declining traffic and conversions

Traffic analysis is another effective way to tell if your site needs an upgrade. Keep a close eye on bounce rates (visitors that only get to the first page and leave). It may be that the site is not appealing enough on modern standards. Remember that search engines favour sites that are easy to navigate, get regular content updates and have a good user experience. Your site may be crippling your relationship with consumers leading to, low traffic, high bounce rates and poor conversions.

5. Frequent crashes and downtime

Some browsers and host servers lack the necessary backward compatibility to run retro features on modern platforms. This may cause some element to fail or behave unpredictably during runtime. If you experience frequent unexplainable crashes, it may be because some of the components are outdated. Downtime severely affects the user experience and SEO ranking.

Let’s get to work

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