eCommerce Features

When we think of e-commerce websites, we usually fixate on the checkout system – the shopping cart, wish list, and payments platform. However, there is a lot more to e-commerce web design than the purchase page. To improve the shopping experience and run an efficient enterprise website, here are five features you need to have.

1) Versatile product management and display

The majority of customers interact with product pages on every visit, so this is where you need to make your display as comprehensive and relevant as possible. Include a search bar, product comparison, promotions, discounts, and product categories. But ensure that the amount of information displayed is well ordered and laid out so it doesn’t impact navigation.

2) User generated reviews

A review section is a must for online shops. It not only provides credibility to the product but also gives you insight into customers’ feedback and improves SEO. You can have star-based reviews, written reviews or a combination of several review systems. Encourage buyers to leave reviews with every purchase. Remember that with written reviews, you may need filters to discard inappropriate comments such as profanities.

3) High-quality media

Use high-quality media to promote and represent your products. HD pictures, HD video and comprehensive descriptions go a long way in gaining customers’ trust and enticing sales. Allocate more space for quality images and make the text short but adequately descriptive. Many buyers scroll through product images when searching for products.

4) Data collection, analytics and reporting tools

Customers leave plenty of valuable information with every site visit. Collect and analyse navigation data, contact information, location, and if possible conduct a subtle survey to find out more about your customers. This information should help you upsell to your customers, find out the source of the site’s traffic, resolve navigation bottlenecks and run targeted marketing through email lists.

5) Integrated blog section

Set aside a blogging section on the main website. A blog populated with relevant articles enriched with SEO elements is useful for generating organic traffic to your site and promoting your products. Engage in thorough web content management practices like regular publication, interlinking material, integrating sharable links on social media and engaging readers.

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