Digital Training Platforms

We deliver digital training and education platforms that combine video, interactive content, text and images into engaging, easy to use training platforms.  Whether aimed at young children, teenagers or adults – we help our clients to digitise existing content and deliver the content to end users.

Our solutions support a wide range of devices including mobile, tablet, desktop or internet of things powered device (Alexa etc).  Material can be accessed using a number of models including:

  1. Pay per use (individual course or series)
  2. Licence based (plan based)
  3. Restricted User (schools, fixed geography)
  4. Public Access

Our solutions can monitor usage, protect intellectual property and also provide individual end user suggestions for additional material based on previous content.  Our interactive content provides checks and balances, which can ensure that materials has been understood (perhaps before proceeding or issuing a certificate) or help to deliver additional training based on results/needs.

Our integration experience enables us to extend existing solutions whilst making the data available for additional reporting/usage (perhaps marketing campaigns, usage reporting etc).  We help our clients stand out from the competition by differentiating themselves in a crowded market.

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Case Study

The Managers Toolkit  | Download Casestudy as PDF

Who Are They?

The Manager’s Toolkit® is a trademark of Peak Learning and Development. They recognised the need for an easy to use, digital development and performance improvement platform to deliver industry leading content, resources and tools. In response to this need they developed The Manager’s Toolkit®. The Toolkit gives busy managers instant access to trusted tools and resources so they can take the right action quickly and confidently.

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