Wordpress Development

A good content management system (CMS) can transform your digital presence in a number of positive ways. A CMS is a software you can use to create, develop, edit, store and publish content online. WordPress is reported to be the most popular and widely used CMS. It is claimed that WordPress powers 31% of all websites on the internet and is used by a whopping 59% of websites whose CMS is known.

This article aims to explain what WordPress is, how WordPress development works, and discusses the importance of WordPress maintenance.

What is WordPress?

At its simplest, WordPress is a software programme that users can use to create, design and maintain their websites. It is an open source software, which means it is not subject to any intellectual property restrictions like copyright and trademark, and can be accessed for free by the public and users can modify it as they require.

WordPress started out as a blogging tool, which bloggers used to create content and images for publication on their blogs. WordPress has evolved tremendously and now become far more than just a blogging. It is an immensely powerful software capable of creating the most simple website to more complex websites, online stores, and
other e-commerce online platforms.

WordPress now boasts a huge core and library with many advanced features. In order to fully maximise the many benefits of WordPress, it is vital that the software is developed by a top WordPress developer, which is where WordPress development comes in.

What does WordPress development involve?

One of the main benefits of WordPress is its simplicity, which is attractive to people with little or no coding skills, but there is more to running a website than just setting one up and getting on with using it for your business. Of all the available content management systems, WordPress has a particularly large range of functionalities which a user with basic technical skills may likely find intimidating. It is also easy to run into difficulties with security issues like viruses and hackers.

Good WordPress development requires detailed knowledge and expertise in PHP programming, at the very least. PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a scripting code which allows users to customise their WordPress websites to suit individual requirements. Expertise in HTML, JavaScript and databases like MySQL are also useful skills to have.

WordPress development starts with a thorough analysis of what your specific goals and objectives for a website are. Your WordPress developer will need to carefully consider how WordPress can be adapted and customised to fit your specific requirements, taking into account the particular themes and plugins you would need as part of your design. The developer then develops a code which feeds into your WordPress website design, and will need to make sure that the design does not clash with other databases or systems you may need to use alongside WordPress.

Where do themes and plugins fit in?

Themes and plugins are an essential design tool in WordPress you can use to greatly enhance the customer experience on your website.

Themes are a series of options that collectively generate the way your website looks. With themes, you can select design features such as colour, size of text within your site, how images and videos are displayed, how features like blog comments are laid out, the general layout of the site and many more.

Whether you are looking to achieve a formal look, an interactive site or one that is heavily led by images or videos, the possibilities with themes are endless.

Plugins, on the other hand, are usually used to develop your theme either by extending existing features or creating and adding new features to your site. With plugins, your website is able to evolve as your business and requirements change over time. This means that you are not stuck with the website you start out with, but can continuously update your themes, introduce new features or fix any performance issues you subsequently identify with your initial WordPress website design.

As with themes, the possibilities with plugins are endless and there are many types of plugins to choose from. To mention a few, there are search engine optimisation plugins that help improve your website’s ranking and drive traffic to your site, there are plugins that improve the speed by which pages on your site load, there are plugins you could use if you just want to introduce a minor feature like a news feed or set up payment options on your site.

WordPress maintenance and security

All the time and resources invested into developing and rolling out your website could be wasted if you don’t secure and maintain your site properly. Websites remain vulnerable to bugs and hackers, so it is important that you operate an efficient system for installing system updates to address any security issues.

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