Technical Consultancy Services

Providing a range of remote & onsite technical consultancy services to UK clients, our team provides a technical assurance on a range of tasks including:

  • Software package/solution selection – eliminate the uncertainty and translate the technical jargon
  • Vendor selection – choosing the wrong developer/supplier can be an expensive mistake
  • Infrastructure Reviews – ensuring your systems are secure, backed up and there when you need them
  • Trusted Adviser – internal reviews, guidance proposing solutions – we help you look good
  • Integration Options – you have a legal obligation to protect your data – ensure 3rd parties see only what they need.

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Enterprise Architecture Consultants

Who: An experienced technical architect who can take a holistic view of the business requirements and apply to a technical landscape.  They have practical experience to ensure that all systems work as a single solution and more importantly can be maintained/supported.

What: Great at understanding business requirements/business needs and translating into technical requirements.  They have a wealth of experience in what is possible, what is commercially available and the non-functional requirements (think security, availability, speed etc) to ensure the proposed solution is fit for purpose.

They can also analyse existing systems/solutions/processes and recommend possible gaps based on your needs and/or duplication (where costs could be saved).

Why: Before embarking on implementing a new system/solution or changing an existing, a good Enterprise Architect can advise on the options available and guide on requirements.

They can help produce a technical specification which can be used to tender, ensuring you receive like-for-like quotes and importantly the solution being delivered is fit for purpose.

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Solution Architect Consultants

Who: Often business process specialists who understand the detailed needs of the business.  They are also a specialist in a specific application/technology they understand how to maximise the benefits of the application, reduce risks (such as upgrade risks) and ensure the solution is used correctly.  Examples include SAP Solution Architect, Web Solution Architect,

Database Architect and Mobile App Solution Architect.

What: Great for ensuring a specific product or functional product is used in the correct way, this reduces any upgrade risks, ensures compliance with licensing and increases the chances of the system operating as it should.  Often used to create guidelines for new projects or to review third party development to ensure compliance with best practices (ensuring you are getting a quality deliverable).

Why: Having an external quality assurance for any 3rd party work from the start of the project in our experience increases the quality from day1.  You might have internal resources or just need a little technical guidance on getting the best from a solution, so a good solution architect can provide guidance and advice at key times.

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Technical Project Manager

Who: They can review and manage complex technical projects, ensuring budgetary control, correct use of resources and delivery on-time.

What: Either used a supplement to a project manager or stand-alone, they can help manage technical project risks and issues.

Where a project requires a large degree of technical 3rd party interaction a good technical project manager can ensure dependencies are managed and no clear ownership of issues/challenges.

Why: if you have several suppliers who need to coordinate, or integration of any platforms/solutions – a technical project manager can reduce project delivery time, costs and ensure the end solution is fit for purpose and support responsibility is clearly defined.

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Technical Architect Consultant

Who: A specialist who designs a technical infrastructure that ensures your system/solution is available (based on your requirements) and can be maintained.  They focus on ensuring the lowest cost of infrastructure is developed to fit your needs,

the solution can be backed up and any legal requirements (data encryption etc) are met.

What: Great for examining an existing infrastructure and advising on possible improvements (reduce costs, improve availability, ensure compliance etc) or proposing a infrastructure for a new solution.  They can advise on the different benefits and options to ensure you make an informed decision between hosting/infrastructure providers.

Why: Are you sure your critical business data is being backed up securely and you could recover if you needed to? Is your system secure and compliant with the secure storage of personal data?  Are you overpaying for hosting/infrastructure and can you save costs without compromising on service?

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Case Study – Carlsberg

We provided a wide range of consultancy services to Carlsberg over a 10 year period including Enterprise Architecture, Technical Architecture, Technical Project Management and Integration Architecture.

Delivering a trusted adviser service to internal Carlsberg teams across a number of European projects, we supported the business in ensuring business requirements were clearly communicated to 3rd party suppliers.  During these projects we also ensured compliance with technical governance, supported Carlsberg during change request assessments and technically managed a number of EDI integration projects.

Lasse Helbo – Enterprise Architecture Lead said:

Over the last 6 years, I had the pleasure to work with Matter of Software, represented by Ryan Bishop. Through these 6 years, Carlsberg went through several business and technology transformation programs.

On this journey, has Ryan being the project leader or (and) lead architect through a variety of good managed projects. Ryan’s deep technical skills combined with his huge insight in business possibilities, has led to many valuable outcomes, both in business process optimization and architecture modernization.

Ryan always act with professionalism, agility and commitment in his deliverables. Besides that, he is an excellent communicator on all levels in the organization. Looking forward to work with Matter of Software again.