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We support charities to identify business process improvements, and implement solutions to deliver improvements.  Whether in fund raising, delivery of services or resource management, we can provide coherent value based solutions.

With complex funding challenges, strict governance and often limited staff skills, our trusted adviser service provides guidance to help deliver cost savings, maximise the use of resources and manage gathered data.

Our in-house team of professionals can deliver IT solutions to integrate existing systems, enhance existing software or develop new solutions.  Our teams can deliver mobile apps, bespoke software or data warehousing/data reporting to help achieve the desired results.

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Client Case Study

Stroke Association

Who they are

The Stroke Association is a nationwide charity whose goal is to provide support to change the lives of people affected by stroke and reduce the number of people who are struck by this devastating condition.

As part of their great work the Stroke Association runs a series of Know Your Blood Pressure events to support members of the public getting easy access to their blood pressure readings. There are many events held across the UK with a large number of supporters completing paper forms.  The app was required to support both English and Welsh languages from the start.

The aim of the project was to reduce the time taken to record the results, provide feedback to the patient (if required) and improve the experience for the supporters. The solution should be secure, work on a wide variety of devices and be easy to use.

Project Details

Working with the team at the Stroke Association we mapped out the user journeys including end user, event organiser and administrator.  We mapped data, any logic and interactions (messages, emails etc) and created a series of designs to ensure that not only did the aesthetic match the client’s expectations but the designs were accessible and easy to use.

We developed a software technical architecture based on the requirements to ensure security, accessibility, backup and volume needs could easily be met.  We overlaid this onto an infrastructure architecture to ensure the infrastructure was scalable and able to meet the proposed needs.

The architecture required development of an administrative portal that was also used to integrate to the mobile apps (using a series of secured API’s).  The portal uses role-based access to enable different users to access different data and functions – ensuring a user can only see data relevant for their role.

Using native development languages, we developed a bespoke Android and iOS application which performs all fact finding, ensures data is held in compliance with GDPR and contains logic to determine when an additional blood pressure measurement is required.  The app also removes the need for a manual interpretation of results and delivers an assessment of the readings based on existing guidance.

We supported deployment of the Apps to the various App Stores, we provide hosting and ongoing support to ensure the application remains available for use as intended.

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Consultancy Focus Areas

icon-briefcase Management / Admin / Operations
Improved reporting, data management and resource usage

icon-clipboard Internal Resource Management
Training, allocation, HR, Payroll, expenses

icon-bullhorn Marketing and Campaigning
Standardisation, increased data collection, campaign monitoring

icon-group Volunteer & Third Party Management
Procurement, quality, compliance and engagement

icon-heart Policy Research & Development
Creation, communication, monitoring and updates

icon-star Fundraising
Processing costs, data compliance, reporting

Technology Solutions

icon-mobile Mobile Apps
Internal, fund raising or increasing reach

icon-desktop Web Portal
Content management system, training

icon-cloud  Websites
Public information sharing, online fundraising

icon-cogs Integration Platform
Combining available systems into a single solution

icon-dashboard Data Warehousing
Centralised storage of disparate data

icon-sitemap Business Reporting
Quick business reporting

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