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Who Are They?

The Manager’s Toolkit® is a trademark of Peak Learning and Development. They recognised the need for an easy to use, digital development and performance improvement platform to deliver industry leading content, resources and tools. In response to this need they developed The Manager’s Toolkit®. The Toolkit gives busy managers instant access to trusted tools and resources so they can take the right action quickly and confidently.

They are learning and development and performance improvement specialists with an enviable reputation for creating and delivering development interventions that get the best out of people, improve team performance and drive business results. They have used their deep knowledge and experiences from the past 30 years to curate The Manager’s Toolkit®.

What was the project?

With 30 years of experience and a wealth of paper-based tools traditionally delivered in binder format, and traditional training.  Peak Learning were finding clients expectations increasing in a number of ways including ways of accessing on a variety of devices, interactive materials and community-based support.

We were commissioned to assist in the design, development, deployment and ongoing support for the platform.  Working together we created engaging designs that matched the brand and professional aesthetic expectations set by Peak Learning.  Using our tried and tested software development platform our qualified team developed a range of features including:

  • Authorisation and access based on roles, companies and packages
  • Interactive tools and training
    • the ability for an admin to create tools that can be saved, printed and downloaded by a user
    • the ability for a user to edit forms on a mobile, tablet or computer
    • graphics, videos, text guides editable by an admin (WYSIWYG)
  • Community based discussions – including moderation
  • Detailed reporting across a wide range of indicators

Security, Availability and Performance were critical factors in designing an infrastructure architecture that balances the budget and requirements of Peak Learning.  Our Architect team designed a hosting and support solution to meet the requirements, and our support team provides ticket-based support ensuring the solution continues to be fit for purpose.

Client Comments

Mark Evenden, Founder and Director at Peak Learning said:

‘They understood our requirement’s precisely and delivered what was asked on time and in budget. They were very flexible and responsive to our feedback during the process. If they thought there was a there was a better way than the one we requested they also challenged us. We have subsequently asked them to complete other projects and will continue to use them.’

When asked about the impact the solution had made on the business Mark said:

‘The solution has allowed us to reach more clients in a cost-effective way, we can easily manage and update content along with seeing what is proving the most and least popular.  It also allows us to better control access to our copyrighted material ensuring only those with an active licence have access’

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Business Solutions & Business Process Improvement

Asset Remarketing Services


Who Are They?

Asset Remarketing Services is an IT Equipment purchasing and capital asset remarketing company, working with a wide range of public and private organisations across the UK. Offering a fully inclusive service for IT equipment disposal, but also a cash return on used IT equipment such as PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Servers and Monitors.  Their focus is simple: Make it easy for organisations to sell used IT equipment and get money back

They provide an online platform for customers to obtain instant quotes, over-site of the process and track expected payments.  This is the tip of the iceberg as behind the scenes is a large warehouse, a series of quality checks, safe data destruction steps, re-purposing for onward sale and full auditing throughout the process.

What was the project?

Looking to expand the business by offering an innovative offering to pay for used commercial technology it was clear the current heavy use of Excel sheets wouldn’t scale to support the business nor allow automation of key tasks (allowing key headcount to be deployed to essential roles).  Asset Remarketing Services were clear in their brief that they wanted a solution that allowed a seamless customer experience but also full control for their administrative team.  The solution was required to manage the complete process from quoting through to payment, tracking each unique asset as it passed through various complex workflows (with automated notifications at key stages or where a human action is required).

We were commissioned to assist in the design, development, deployment and ongoing support for the platform.  To match the budget we created a solution that focused heavily on customer experience coupled with a simple to use administration portal.  Using our tried and tested software development platform our qualified team developed a range of features including:

  • Authorisation and access based on roles
  • Complete process management including
    • Admin easy management of pricing / quoting data
    • Automated quoting and affiliate tracking
    • Tools to assist in matching incoming items with quoted items (highlighting discrepancies and impact on pricing – automated client approval)
    • Barcode labelling and scanning of assets at each stage for full auditability
    • Task based views based on roles to ensure only required information/tasks are visible to increase human throughput
    • Reporting of key data for example, site usage, upcoming payments, sales generated etc
    • Prospect/Client tracking – providing a sales overview to increase/drive sales
  • Bulk upload of data via a series of formats allowing speedy processing of bulk orders
  • Email notifications for key events/activities to automate the process where possible

To balance the demands of the daily operations versus the time required for the project we followed an agile development process to deliver the best solution possible.  This required regular sprints/meetings where past progress was reviewed, and upcoming requirements/work plans were confirmed.  We were able to couple a fixed price model traditionally delivered using a waterfall method using this agile delivery model – the scope/intention remains fixed along with the effort at the start but the use of that effort can be tweaked along the project journey.

We continue to host, maintain and support the solution to ensure the investment remains secure and the solution fit for purpose.

Client Comments

Phil Stevens, Director at Asset Remarketing Services said:

‘We were able to balance the daily business demands alongside the project and were pleased to receive an initial version quickly as promised.  As this was coupled with us introducing new business processes within the business, Matter of Software were quick to support on training and amendments to further optimise the process to ensure we could operate as required’

When asked about the impact the solution had made on the business Phil said:

‘We have seen a near 400% (and growing) increase in business that simply wouldn’t have been possible without the system supporting our growth.  Within our budget Matter of Software were the most competitive and as we continue to develop and update the system they continue to offer real value’

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Startup Business Solutions & Consultancy

eStudent Ltd


Who Are They?

eStudent Ltd is provides a platform for businesses to reach students, each business can promote its business by offering discounts, promotions or competitions.  The platform can also be used to advertise job roles directly to students, ensuring seasonal and local roles can be filled quickly and cheaply.

Via this start-up platform the student can pay a minimal fee to access the platform, this enables immediate access to all local offers (the platform has been launched in Birmingham with plans to deploy nationwide) along with a free community-based advertising platform.  Students are free to create their own adverts for services or items to sell, these are limited in duration and all transactions take place outside of the platform.

What was the project?

Founder Harpreet Khaira spotted a gap in the market and using his network developed the concept for the platform, he continues to work full time to support the development, launch and growth of the platform.

We provided Harpreet with initial consultancy to help him understand the options available, what technology to use and the product development lifecycle (explaining about an MVP – minimum viable product).  From this stage Harpreet had a clear set of requirements to allow formal tendering to develop the MVP.

Matter of Software won the tendering process, we designed, developed, tested, deployed, host and support the current platform.  Working with an extremely tight budget we worked with Harpreet to ensure key dependencies were available on time, key user journeys were examined, testing expectations on both sides were set and Harpreet was kept updated through the rapid delivery process.

Client Comments

Harpreet Khaira, Founder at eStudent Ltd said:

‘From the initial discussion I felt as though Matter of Software understood what I was trying to achieve, they encouraged me to limit my budget to keep money for advertising and launching rather than spending all on development.  They delivered exactly what they promised and I would have no hesitation recommending them’

When asked about the guidance received Harpreet said:

‘Running a business was new to me, developing a product was also new and I had no idea about the technology or process I should follow.  I received lots of advice from different places, but the team provided a consolidated view that has allowed me to deliver a great product to market with my budget’

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Events & Staff Management

Leading supplier of temporary staff

Leading supplier of temporary staff to events and festivals they provide a complete service to manage pre, during and post event staffing operations including:

  • Administration
  • On site Management
  • Screening & Interviewing
  • Training & Uniform
  • Rota creation
  • Staff welfare

  • Information packs
  • Feedback & HR issues
  • Budgeting
  • Reports/Debriefs
  • Accreditation
  • Payroll

Project Details

We examined existing systems and business processes, due to the high number of temporary staff used by the business the onboarding (registration, identity checks, documentation review, qualification checks, financial assessment etc), assignment and follow up for staff was extremely labour intensive.

We developed a platform to enable key business processes to be managed in a single place including:


  • Registration
  • Profile management
  • Document storage/validation (identification, qualifications etc)
  • Messaging
  • Timesheets and Expense management
  • Shift Overview and Event Feedback


  • New client registration
  • Event creation and management
  • Client document management (contracts etc)
  • Client feedback management

Client team

  • Event Shift Planning
  • Staff Management
  • Event Management (communications, feedback, cost management)


Project Benefits

The platform reduces the amount of time to onboard and manage staff (ensuring legal compliance at all times) by ensuring staff members enter the correct information first time, documents due expiry are prompted for updates and key flows for onboarding, staffing and exiting processes.

Using role-based access team leaders managing events can view staff rotas, indicate last minute changes, manage event communications and easily manage attendance and expense claims.  This has enabled reduced effort in invoicing clients, paying staff and reducing the likelihood of discrepancies identified later.

The solution is available across all major devices/browsers, we continue to host and support the solution ensuring the client protects their investment.

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