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Delivering robust industry knowledge coupled with technical experience to ensure solutions are suitable, fit for purpose and implemented smoothly.

We support our clients:

  • before – is this right, is the business ready for change, do we have a clear plan etc?
  • during – understanding decisions clearly in plain English, clear project plans.
  • launch – change management support, training, data migration – ensuring everything is ready
  • after – ongoing maintenance & support, change requests and technical consultancy

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Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering

Through a series of workshops we define how you operate today, identify business gaps/areas for improvement.  We operate an ask once philosophy and through experience we minimise the time required from our clients.

Business Solution Proposal

We can provide the business process and/or technical options to close the gaps and fulfil the requirements.  We do this through a series of options, explore the costs/risks/benefits and agree with our clients which to proceed with (if any).

Planning Services (Project Management)

We can deliver technical project management services to manage in-house, 3rd party or a combination to ensure your project is delivered to time, quality and budget.

Implementation Services (Development Team)

Using open source technology based on our tried & tested platform we can deliver a complete solution (integrating to existing systems/3rd parties where needed)

Integration Services

Where new or existing internal or external systems require integration our specialists can implement a robust, secure and audit-able integration to suit.

Maintenance & Support

Ensuring your data remains secure and your solution available – we can host in our UK data centre and provide on-going maintenance & support.

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Case Study – Asset Remarketing Services

Looking to expand the business by offering an innovative offering to pay for used commercial technology it was clear the current heavy use of Excel sheets wouldn’t scale to support the business nor allow automation of key tasks (allowing key headcount to be deployed to essential roles).  Asset Remarketing Services were clear in their brief that they wanted a solution that allowed a seamless customer experience but also full control for their administrative team.

  The solution was required to manage the complete process from quoting through to payment, tracking each unique asset as it passed through various complex workflows (with automated notifications at key stages or where a human action is required).

We were commissioned to assist in the design, development, deployment and ongoing support for the platform.  To match the budget we created a solution that focussed heavily on customer experience coupled with a simple to use administration portal.  Using our tried and tested software development platform our qualified team developed a range of features including:

  1. Authorisation and access based on roles
  2. Complete process management including
    1. Admin easy management of pricing / quoting data
    2. Automated quoting and affiliate tracking
    3. Tools to assist in matching incoming items with quoted items (highlighting discrepancies and impact on pricing – automated client approval)
    4. Barcode labelling and scanning of assets at each stage for full auditability
    5. Task based views based on roles to ensure only required information/tasks are visible to increase human throughput
    6. Reporting of key data for example, site usage, upcoming payments, sales generated etc
    7. Prospect/Client tracking – providing a sales overview to increase/drive sales
  3. Bulk upload of data via a series of formats allowing speedy processing of bulk orders
  4. Email notifications for key events/activities to automate the process where possible

To balance the demands of the daily operations versus the time required for the project we followed an agile development process to deliver the best solution possible.  This required regular sprints/meetings where past progress was reviewed, and upcoming requirements/work plans were confirmed.  We were able to couple a fixed price model traditionally delivered using a waterfall method using this agile delivery model – the scope/intention remains fixed along with the effort at the start but the use of that effort can be tweaked along the project journey.

We continue to host, maintain and support the solution to ensure the investment remains secure and the solution fit for purpose.

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Phil Stevens, Director at Asset Remarketing Services said:

‘We were able to balance the daily business demands alongside the project and were pleased to receive an initial version quickly as promised.  As this was coupled with us introducing new business processes within the business, Matter of Software were quick to support on training and amendments to further optimise the process to ensure we could operate as required’

When asked about the impact the solution had made on the business Phil said:

‘We have seen a near 400% (and growing) increase in business that simply wouldn’t have been possible without the system supporting our growth.  Within our budget Matter of Software were the most competitive and as we continue to develop and update the system they continue to offer real value’

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