Website Design

Your website is basically your storefront on the internet, whether you’re in e-commerce or you sell services, and it’s extremely important to get it right.

Business website design starts well before you pick colours and decide which fonts you’re going to use. In fact, the first few things you need to think about aren’t related to the design elements, like images and templates, at all:

• Your first decision for your website is how you want your business to be represented. What do you want your potential clients to think and feel when they visit your site?

• Next, what do you want it to do? Are you looking to display many products and provide a smooth and easy buying experience for your customers, with plenty of suggestions for what to buy next? Do you want to establish your expertise, credibility and authority in your industry with amazing content and testimonials?

• Finally, who are your ideal clients and what do you want the buyer’s journey to look like for them? How would you like them to travel through your site and what actions do you want them to take? Are you looking for sign-ups for your newsletter, requests for a quote or do you want them to call you?

• Then you can consider colours and fonts, but specifically in relation to your company branding and how you want your website to reflect that.

• Once you’ve established those things, you’re in a much better position to have a website built that will benefit your company and work on your behalf to improve your bottom line.

• Next, think about ease of use, ease of navigation, and work out your sitemap. The most beautiful site you can create is no good to you if your visitors can’t easily find the information they want and do what they want to do.

• Plan out your content to fit how you want your business to be seen and what you want your visitors to do. Include your keywords and phrases to help get your site found on the search engines, and look at what calls to action you want to include.

Finally, you’re onto the website design itself. Our best advice is to work closely with your designer to ensure your site reflects your brand’s aims and is visually appealing. With the work you’ve done on what you want your website to achieve beforehand, your website designer should be able to create a site that’s beautiful, easy to use and targeted to your ideal customers.