In these uncertain times, all businesses face rising costs, which are denting profits. Equally, if you work with multiple channels and in multiple markets, clearly you are running a complex business. This makes business productivity and efficiency and business process optimisation more important than ever. Especially if you are actually creating goods and getting them out to clients, you need your operation to run as smoothly as possible.

Any business, no matter its size, can always look at their existing processes and identify areas for efficiency improvements (business process optimisation).

Have you considered bespoke software development?

You probably already know that tailor-made software is specially developed for a particular organisation.

Examples include Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, business process automation, automated invoicing, customer-facing web portals, e-commerce software solutions and others.

Software is changing all the time, and your business must keep pace. Using custom software can really help with that and with the process of maximising efficiency. But if you thought of this as something that had to be expensive, think again. Just reviewing your processes and making small changes can help. What’s more, you’ll be helping your team to save time by focusing on those activities which add value to your business.

A tailor-made software package can benefit any type and size of company.

Further benefits of bespoke software include:


When you buy custom software, you decide how the solution will work, and you can give developers feedback as the solution is being created, and you also get to decide when to upgrade your solution – and how.


Your software, like your business, should be improving all the time and should give you flexible reliability. Custom software means your support is also bespoke, and your developer will know your system incredibly well and strive to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Bespoke software is tailored to your precise business needs, and so can provide information simply and effectively.

You will achieve your business goals with greater efficiency, and with a targeted, strategic approach to tasks. Collaborative working can be aided thanks to unified communications which can be incorporated into your software – for instance via instant messaging.

There’s also greater efficiency in that you are forced to think about what exactly your business needs from its software. Finally, an off-the-shelf model may simply not meet these requirements.


As your business grows, your software must adapt too. Custom software will develop as you do, and change as your requirements shift.

As the owner of the intellectual property, you won’t have to get permission to make any changes in your software. You’ll also be able to add more users without slowing our system down or paying extra licence fees.


With custom software, the whole team has a full overview of what you aim to achieve and how you want to do it. Business processes become simpler, and everyone will be on the same page and appreciate exactly what they need to do. The management team will have a detailed insight into everything, and product support and delivery will be improved.

Enhanced security

Security threats can be mitigated, and if anything does go wrong, it’s easier to restore your data. Common commercial packages are under constant threat since encrypting one system grants hackers access to many firms’ details. Bespoke packages give you peace of mind that vital data is secure. What’s more, SaaS solutions which use Cloud Computing will also boost security compared with an on-site server.

How we can help

At Matter of software, if you trust us with your bespoke software and mobile app development, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and that you’re getting the best advice, support and software for what your business needs.

We can supply the very best solution for your requirements, whether you’re looking for something fully bespoke, an off-the-shelf model or something that’s in between.

Let us use our extensive experience to help your business grow. We’ve developed everything from warehouse management systems to ERP solutions.

We can also help you by creating a website that sets your organisation apart from the competition or a mobile app (on both iOS and Android) to optimise profit and performance.

Talk to us today about which of our solutions would best suit your needs – and take the first step on the path to far greater efficiency for your business.