As software and web development reach new heights with advances in technology, development skills and innovation, digital business solutions become more versatile and robust. The digital age is changing the way in which we run businesses by reducing the requirement for human intervention in several tasks. Here is a brief description of five business operations in need of digital assistance now more than ever.

1. Data management and data security

Modern business transactions generate tremendous volumes of sensitive data. This data is vital to both the business and its customers. Secure data storage and management have become a big concern for many companies. Software developers have created neat, reliable solutions to solve this problem. Data management software and cloud storage solutions are the answer to secure, error-free data handling.

2. Finance management

Finance is a sensitive business area where small errors can have profound repercussions. For a long time, teams of dedicated, hands-on accountants have handled financial matters in the workplace. However, today, finance management systems do most of the accounting work. There may still be the need for one or two accounts where human judgement is required. Finance systems are tasked with calculations, document processing and the distribution of funds.

3. Automation

To improve on turnaround time and labour cost, automation has taken up the fulfilment of several business tasks. Mostly, these are repetitive jobs where environmental variables rarely change like emailing, managing payroll, scheduling and so on. However, in recent years, automation has boldly ventured into complex business processes such as production, trading and market analysis by incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning.

4. Communication

The digital platform has completely changed the business communication infrastructure. Innovations in VoIP technology have given rise to a new breed of communication channels and devices. Smart communications software can seamlessly integrate the entire business communication channels into a unified structure where clients and staff can communicate via web, desktop and mobile apps simultaneously using voice and video. The cost savings, flexibility and reliability of VoIP systems are simply overwhelming compared to traditional over-the-line methods.

5. HR management

The labour market is rapidly shifting from the conventional 9-5 to arrangements that are more flexible to accommodate a contemporary lifestyle. This presents new problems in managing a diverse labour force with individually unique requirements. Luckily, HR management systems are in place to handle HR needs. They do as much as account for labour value, set up payrolls, engage with employees and even conduct recruitment.


Technology keeps changing, often bringing with it more efficient business solutions. It is best to embrace these changes and new ideas to improve business operations. This is why, at Matter of Software, we provide custom digital solutions to help your business out. Contact us and find out more about custom software development.