Bespoke Software Development

Matter of Software’s in-house experts can deliver bespoke software development delivered in a variety of forms including but not limited to Software as a Service, Web Portals, Intranets and Client Based Solutions.  With the increase in cloud based solutions a larger number of our new projects involve delivering solutions that are accessible via the cloud.  We are experienced in architecting solutions that reduce running costs, improve availability and benefit from access across a wide variety of devices.

We are often asked about the process to develop an app, our typical process is as follows:

Advice – free, uncomplicated and non-technical advice.  We understand what you are trying to achieve and provide options which often achieve your objectives in a variety of ways (a number of our clients believe they need a mobile app but are happier with a cheaper web based application which is mobile optimised).  We ensure we understand your needs, we challenge your thinking and highlight possible areas for improvement and thought.

Our process Business Process At the Heart (BPATH) is a structured method we have developed to help our clients optimise their business processes and gain the maximum benefit from technology implementation – we offer this to clients at no extra cost.

Design – our designers work with you and any existing branding to create designs of each page and demonstrate the flow through the solution.  This helps you to visualise the end result, understand the flow and highlight any gaps in understanding prior to development.  We often build prototypes at this stage to provide you with a working, interactive part of the solution where this helps demonstrate our understanding and confirm technically/functionally difficult areas are understood early on.

Development – we develop using a wide range of proprietary (Windows for example) and Open Source programming languages, we use open-source frameworks where they add value and help reduce development costs.  The latest software, our source control and development processes ensure the highest degree of quality.  Our development team test rigorously including peer testing and across a wide variety of device types.

Testing – we test, you test – this stage includes optional system testing (testing performance, stress testing and recovery testing).  We capture, resolve and report on all raised issues in a timely manner to provide complete visibility of issue resolution.  Bespoke Software often has a high degree of integration (whether to finance systems or other systems) – during testing we validate those integrations function as expected and ensure the complete solution operates as expected.

Training – we provide optional training to help teach your key users how to support the application.

Deployment – our team manage the deployment to the target environment, we run a series tests to ensure the productive environment operates as expected and we manage the necessary change management.

Support – we provide ad-hoc or unlimited application support – our objective with all solutions is to reduce the administration effort required for you applications – our target is always near zero administration (we do this by planning what might require admin effort and overcoming that within the design/development).

Client: Metcollect

The proposal

Metcollect has managed sustained growth and as part of their growth plan they required an ERP solution that was as innovative as their business. The software needed to enabled clients to manage their bins (new bins, empty bins and remove bins) 24 hours a day whilst also providing full depot management (asset management, route planning and more), head office functions (finance integration, reporting and depot over-site) and being able to scale with the company. The solution was required to be secure, easy to use and cost effective.

Our solution

Our solution was to create a bespoke website and software as a service offering which allowed different users to access varying features. We developed a data model which would support the business now and in the future. We integrated to the existing finance solution for data transfer and created a bespoke solution to plan optimised routes taking into account the complexities of vehicle capacity/weight, traffic conditions and legal working requirements for drivers.We complemented the solution with a client Android and iOS app to allow them to easily order, request a collection or return of a bin on their mobile device. Of course a route planning solution wouldn’t be fully realised without a driver app which allows the driver to perform pre-departure checks, manage their route (check in to locations, manage the bin emptying process etc) and handle ad-hoc messaging.

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