Bespoke CRM Development


If you are looking to foster relationships with customers, nothing works better than Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). Think about it for a second. It puts your entire client handling process in one place – acquisition, user support plus anything else your heart desires. And when it comes to choosing CRM software for your business, there are two confusing options: off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions.

Bespoke vs off-the-shelf CRM

Bespoke CRM is basically a custom software that fits into your business process perfectly. Its primary purpose is to optimise your client relationship strategy and add a unique competitive advantage. But your success with this option depends on the bespoke CRM development team you choose for the job.

Off-the-shelf software, on the other hand, takes a one-size-fits-all approach to building client relationships. It might look like a quick fix to all your client management problems, but the hard truth is every company uses the same software. And the only way to stand out from the herd is finding a custom solution that offers a little more than the average CRM.

Here are the three main advantages of having a bespoke CRM for your business.

Highly efficient – When you go bespoke, you’ll get a CRM that meets your exact requirements rather than having to sweep up with an off-the-shelf solution. This flexibility makes it easier to collect emails or phone numbers for marketing purposes. Or perhaps add an automatic calling function for your telemarketing department.

Usability – The best thing about a custom CRM is that it only comes with functions you actually need. So, neither you nor your customers have to deal with a cluttered user interface, which translates to a shorter learning curve. Besides, you will always have your bespoke CRM development company on standby in case of any system glitches.

Scalability – While both off-the-shelf and custom CRMs are scalable, bespoke solutions are usually built to handle massive traffic from the get-go. If you are scaling with an off-the-shelf solution, you will need to find a team of developers to customise the software, which makes your “cheaper” solution pretty expensive in the long run.