What is SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS), which is also known as on-demand software, is a software distribution model where applications hosted on the cloud are made available to the end user via the internet. More businesses are switching from conventional software purchase to SaaS for their enterprise software needs to benefit from several advantages. Below is a brief explanation of five major benefits of using SaaS.

1. Low entry cost

The cost of using SaaS is significantly lower than that of developing a custom application or purchasing a software licence. SaaS providers offer tiered packages usually on a subscription basis, so there is no need to purchase an expensive licence upfront. In addition, the SaaS provider manages the hardware and infrastructure to run the application, which would have otherwise come at an extra cost.

2. Easy setup

With SaaS, you don’t need an on-site software installation. The application is already installed on the cloud, configured, and ready to run. The provider is also responsible for maintaining the software and ensuring its availability – eliminating the necessity of additional IT support to worry about the upkeep of the application. All you need is web access, usually via your typical browser.

3. Frequent upgrades

Every so often, enterprise software needs new features to increase or improve functionality as new demands arise. All software and hardware upgrades are solely the responsibility of your SaaS provider. On the client’s side, there are no upgrade-associated costs, and you get instant access to the latest features.

4. Universal access

Access to SaaS applications is via the internet. These applications are designed and packaged for use on various platforms and devices from computers to smart mobile devices. What this means is that you can access your application from anywhere on any supported device – you can essentially run your office on the go.

5. Scalability

One true advantage of SaaS applications is their ability to scale with the changing IT needs of a growing business. Subscription-based payments allow you to select only features and options that you find necessary for your business at a particular time. You unlock more functionality to your application at any time by simply enabling more features to meet your demands.


Businesses have realised how to reduce the cost of acquiring and running enterprise software while enjoying flexibility, scalability and unlimited access by using SaaS applications. Investing in software as a service is a wise decision to get more value for your application.

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