App Development

Matter of Software’s in-house experts can deliver a wide range of app’s including iOS, Android and Windows based.  We pride ourselves on the quality and value of our mobile app development service.We are often asked about the process to develop an app, our typical process is as follows:

Advice – free, uncomplicated and non-technical advice.  We understand what you are trying to achieve and provide options which often achieve your objectives in a variety of ways (a number of our clients believe they need a mobile app but are happier with a cheaper web based application which is mobile optimised).  We ensure we understand your needs, we challenge your thinking and highlight possible areas for improvement and thought.


Design – our designers work with you and any existing branding to create designs of each page and demonstrate the flow through the app.  This helps you to visualise the end result, understand the flow and highlight any gaps in understanding prior to development.


Development – we develop cross platform and native apps using the latest software, our source control and development processes ensure the highest degree of quality.  Our development team test rigorously including peer testing and across a wide variety of device types.


Testing – we test, you test – this stage includes optional system testing (testing performance, stress testing and recovery testing).  We capture, resolve and report on all raised issues in a timely manner to provide complete visibility of issue resolution.


Training – we provide optional training to help teach your key users how to support the application.


Deployment – our team manage the deployment to the different app stores, we provide guarantees that the app’s will be deployed and of course support with any monetisation setup.


Support – we provide ad-hoc or unlimited application support – our objective with all solutions is to reduce the administration effort required for you applications – our target is always near zero administration (we do this by planning what might require admin effort and overcoming that within the design/development).

Mobile App Administration

Mobile app

  1. Targeted deployments – we can implement solutions to allow you to manage the deployment of the app to targeted devices, manage upgrades and lock devices from general use apart from using the app.
  2. Considering how to manage your mobile apps is just as critical as implementing a usable app itself – our team can advise and implement a wide range of deployment and administration options to ensure you maximise the benefits and reduce the administrative overhead.  Examples include:
  • App Store deployment – we can support with traditional deployment to the App Stores to ensure you App is readily available to users as they need it

Chances are your app will gather data and will require data to be shared between your company and the user or between users, in this case your app will require a central mechanism to hold/share data.  This can be implemented in a number of ways depending on the scale of your app and the need to share information – our team guide you through the options and advise/implement the most appropriate solution/architecture (supporting growth).  Considerations that influence this include:

  1. Volume – the number of users that will use the app influence the design/architecture – we ensure that the end user experience is the best it can be without introducing un-necessary processing delays.
  2. Security – understanding specific security requirements impacts the solution heavily.  We commonly restrict access to risky transactions or downloads of core data using a number of mechanisms including restriction by IP or two phase authentication
  3. Data type – our solutions often separate static data (images, terms and conditions etc) from dynamic (password authentications, messaging etc) so we can reduce the costs to operate the service (using cheaper services for static and relevant services for dynamic)

When working with us you don’t need to consider any of the above, you are safe in the knowledge that our technical architects have thought of everything.