Mobile Friendly Website Design

More and more people are using their smartphones as a gadget for browsing the internet. In this post, we reveal why having a mobile-friendly business website design is going to be integral to your online success.

1. Don’t get left behind

Technology is advancing at an electric pace, and smartphones are already miles ahead of the pack. Mobile popularity and Internet potential show no signs of slowing down. Currently, more than 63 percent of the world’s population has a mobile phone. Not only this, but shoppers have spent $28.6 billion online since November. Your competitors will be rubbing their hands with glee if you leave them free reign of the mobile world.

2. On-the-go buyers

By offering individuals the chance to shop while on-the-go, you open yourself up to a new demographic of impulse buyers. When people are in a rush, they don’t tend to concern themselves with searching around and finding the best deal as they would while on their home PC. Moreover, they don’t have the time to think about whether the purchase is necessary or not; they just go ahead and do it.

3. Increase visibility

Your website may contain the necessary SEO practices to rank high up on Google’s results when individuals are searching on a desktop computer, however, if you fail to make your SEO strategy and website mobile friendly, then you can kiss goodbye to featuring near the top of mobile search results. Google offers different search results for different Internet mediums.

4. Strengthen brand image

A mobile website will enhance your brand image and credibility amongst both potential customers and peers. It shows that your business is on the ball and that you can quickly adapt to technological advancements of the modern day.

5. User engagement

Mobile phones make it a lot easier for potential customers to get in touch with your business, and so they promote user engagement. There is excellent scope for enhancing engagement; with a ‘click to call’ function being one of the most popular solutions a website design specialist will offer you.

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