Mobile App Development

The digital evolution is forcing businesses to think differently. Gone are the days where businesses simply offered a product or service in a high-street store, and businesses are now grappling to stay ahead of the curve and retain and maintain their consumers by utilising mobile optimisation.

Mobile app development is a crucial aspect for companies that operate in the eCommerce sector. The main difficulty that companies are facing when developing their app is finding the best app development companies that will know exactly how to design the technology to optimize all types of customers.

There are four key things that the best app development companies will know about building and designing an app, that the company may not realise.

1. Apps are niche

Most apps are used for luxurious purposes, with entertainment apps being the most popular apps on a global scale. An app should be designed specifically for the target audience and if that target audience is concerned with entertainment, the app design features should factor that in.

2. Apps are not gender specific

Considering a target audience is vital when developing an app and a great aspect of entering the ‘app-sphere’ is that an equal number of men and women download apps.

3. Apps expand the sales reach

With 81% of app users being the main shopper in their homes, apps are the perfect opportunity to speak directly with a potential sales conversion. These days, shoppers prefer eCommerce platforms and fast and convenient shopping over traditional high street shopping, so an app must have a clear and concise shopping functionality.

4. Apps retain customers

The beauty of investing in a company app is that if it is designed and targeted well, it will keep users coming back over the course of the day. Incentives, reminders and notifications can all be built into an app design to keep the users engaged with a company.

One of the best app development companies in the UK is Matter of Software. The app experts are renowned for their savvy app developments that not only keep users engaged but are proven to convert sales. The expert team have supported countless start-ups and businesses in mobile optimisation app development that has not only grown their businesses, but propelled them ahead of their competitors and into the future.