Mobile App Development

Apps are all around us. They can be used to hail rides and book taxis and they can offer a means of entertaining yourself for 10 minutes while on the bus. They can even be used to find a date for Friday night.

From a business perspective, mobile app development can also enhance company branding, generate exceptional conversion rates, reduce the amount of time employees have to spend answering customer queries, and they can be monetised and used to directly generate revenue for a business. Below are some of the features that modern users are crying out for when they download your app:

1. Work offline

Yes, Wi-Fi hotspots are all around us and, yes, many people have extensive data allowances as part of their mobile phone contract. But, no, this doesn’t mean that you should rely on every one of your users having constant access to the internet to use your app. Offer an offline mode, where possible, to avoid losing those who simply don’t want to connect to the internet whenever they turn on your app.

2. Responsive design

This should go without saying in the days of mobile-first indexing and at a time when more people access the internet on mobile devices than on desktops, but your app has to be responsive. This means that it will display equally effectively on any device.

3. Intuitive navigation

The whole user experience should be as intuitive as possible for all of your app users. This not only means a clean design and elements like buttons that are easy to spot and easy to touch on a touchscreen device, but it means that basic elements like navigation should be easy to find and use. They might be basic elements, but they are vital.

4. Customisation

You should offer users meaningful ways in which they can customise your app. This might mean allowing for font size changes, or enabling the changing of colour scheme, or it could mean allowing them to choose between different layouts and even choosing the features that appear on the home screen.