Depending on the purpose and nature of your business, you may not necessarily need the functionality and versatility of your own custom website.
If you’re a freelancer, or a small business, you may just need something basic, functional and easy to maintain, with little need for expansion or additional development. While we would normally recommend the benefits of a bespoke piece of digital space, there are occasions in which a tried-and-tested content management system can be beneficial to your small business.
Here are 4 benefits of using content management systems, such as WordPress.

1. Accessibility

Thanks to its intuitive interface and the slick experience it offers users, WordPress can be easily used by almost anyone. Many people naturally progress from personal blogs to CMS offerings like WordPress, with little trouble. Editing and adding content, pages and images are tasks which can be done quickly, meaning less time is spent on intricate coding or formatting issues. While some may say that this is a result of restricted functionality when compared to a custom website, the growing userbase of WordPress argues otherwise.


We’ve previously informed you of the importance of good SEO, and WordPress itself can often help you here. A wide variety of WordPress plugins make achieving an optimal SEO easier than ever, without making users learn any other skills. The code of WordPress is fundamentally clean and simple, which makes it very easy for search engines to read and index the content of a site. Additionally, individual posts, images and pages can have their own meta tags, keywords and titles, which can all help you make certain keywords stand out.


While a site may be more favourable as your company grows, tools like WordPress expand to accommodate your needs, to a degree. As a business grows, it may no longer remain a one-man operation: If you find yourself requiring any additional manpower to maintain your site, whether in the form of contributors, copy-editors and content managers, these people can access your site easily, and from anywhere. If you need a co-founder to make broad, sweeping changes, you can grant them full administrator privileges. Similarly, if you need people to add content to be published at a later date, you can give them basic access and approve their changes when you deem necessary. Despite the benefits of a custom site, WordPress works well with small and medium teams, in a variety of different business spheres.


Although it may be the central core behind many, many sites, WordPress is also diverse in its wide range of customisable options. From countless templates, small aesthetic changes, and extensive functional alterations, a WordPress site can be altered on a wide range of distinct levels. If you need to specialise your site, you can add plugins to extend its functionality, from social elements and SEO checklists. Many of these long-supported additions are free, or if not, very reasonably priced.

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