Mobile App

If there’s anything your restaurant should be striving to be in this day and age, it’s to be multi-channel. It’s important to realise that business is changing and that consumers are turning to their mobile devices more and more, each and every day. Even to book a table at their favourite restaurant!

A mobile app will prove to be a powerful tool when it comes to keeping your target audience engaged, especially when you consider that almost every adult consumer makes use of a smartphone. Below are three simple reasons why your restaurant needs to get its mobile app development strategy underway.

1. Location, location, geolocation!

Yes, push notifications are one thing (they deliver advertising to the app installed on your consumer’s phone), but geolocation takes push notifications to a whole new level. By using a geolocation active app, you can deliver special offers to app users that are actually close to your outlet! Have more than one restaurant? Great! Now you can send targeted push notifications to those closest to each outlet.

2. Safe, secure payments

Imagine a restaurant where payments can be as simple as scanning a QR code or opening an app and entering a reference number! An app designed to save and encrypt payment information so that it can be used to make instant, secure purchases is one that will be highly appreciated by your patrons. It eliminates that awkward “how much to tip” moment and creates a seamless experience where no physical money actually has to change hands.

3. Know your customer and earn their loyalty

With mobile app development, you can design an app that collects valuable data from your users. You can then scrutinise what meals and specials are firm favourites and focus on those. You can even incorporate a loyalty system for every time a patron uses the app to book a table, make a payment or answer marketing questions.

Need more reasons why your UK restaurant should hire a mobile app development team to create your very own app? We can assist. We are a team of experienced and skilled app developers operating in the UK. Take the time to get in touch with us at Matter of Software today.