The Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham in 2022, offering a number of opportunities for regional businesses and organisations. An estimated 1 million spectators are expected to travel to Birmingham, providing a huge boost to hotels, restaurants and transport companies (

In the run-up to the Games, a wide array of services and products will need to be secured. It’s believed these will range from branding, training and catering to large scale infrastructure. Furthermore, there will be extra supply chain opportunities created by businesses delivering the major direct contracts. If your business is based in Birmingham and you want to be able to handle more clients during the peak period, it’s important that you’re ready from a digital perspective. Read on to find out more.

Preparing digitally for the Games

The Commonwealth Games provide a wealth of benefits to the host city, including driving sustainable growth and aspiration, creating more investment opportunities for jobs and skills and transforming and strengthening local communities. But it’s regional businesses which could see the biggest boost thanks to increased demand for their services. If you own a hospitality, retail, leisure or transport business, you need to be able to serve your existing customers as well as any new ones you get through the door during the summer. We believe the best way to do this is by ensuring your mobile apps and business applications are up to scratch.

Well-designed business apps can be used internally with work colleagues or externally with customers, increasing efficiency, loyalty and engagement. By hiring digital transformation specialists like Matter of Software, you will have experts on your side who can evaluate your current processes and identify ways to improve your solutions to ensure you’re ready well ahead of time.

What are the benefits of going digital?

Mobile apps offer so many benefits to businesses, including improving your data sharing and reporting processes and enabling you to communicate in real-time with customers via messaging and push notifications. eCommerce capabilities and in-app advertising can also help drive sales performance during the Games, while easy and regular updates ensure timely and relevant content is always available to users.

However, leaving your digital transformation to the last minute could prove to be a recipe for disaster. New applications will take time to create, and even if you only need to extend your existing system, there’s more to the process than simply designing an app and making it available on the app store. All apps or extensions will need to be thoroughly tested using both physical devices and simulators to ensure they deliver the expected boost to your business.

To guarantee you’re in the best position to take advantage of all the opportunities the Commonwealth Games have to offer, contact us at Matter of Software to see how we can help. We’re ready to support your digital transformation through powerful software solutions and mobile apps.